Renault Pulse Vs Maruti Swift

Published: 14th May 2012
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The countryís best selling premium hatchback Maruti Swift will soon be witnessing the entry of a tough rival in its segment. The France based leading car maker Renault is all set to launch its highly competitive compact hatchback Pulse in the Indian market next week. While the Maruti Swift model has been a leader of its segment since its launch in the country way back in year 2005, the Renault Pulse is a new entrant in the segment. Maruti Suzuki India has expertise in the cost effective manufacturing of the vehicles, giving it an upper hand of over the competitors. On the other hand, Renault is popular as the manufacturer of high quality premium cars, adopting a top to down approach in the Indian market. The Renaultís so far launched portfolio vehicles including premium sedan Fluence and luxury Sports Utility Vehicle Koleos have been well accepted among the Indian buyers.

Now it remains to be seen how the new Renault Pulse able to challenge the supremacy of the highly successful Maruti Swift model in the Indian market. Here we are trying to offer you a neck and neck comparison of these two hatchbacks including the aspects like engine & specifications, dimensions, exterior, Interior, etc.

Engine & Specification

The Renault Pulse is expected to be launched in both petrol and diesel variants, however the main fight will be between the diesel variants of both of these models. The Renault Pulse Specification will be having an upper hand in this section as it comes powered by a 1461cc diesel engine that will possibly be outpouring a peak power of 64 bhp. In the comparison, Maruti Swift Diesel comes powered by a 1248cc DDiS (Direct Diesel injection System) engine that delivers a peak power of 75 ps at 4000 rpm.

If we talk about the comparison of petrol version of the models under review, the Marutiís 87 ps at 6000 rpm, 1197cc, K-series Variable Valve Timing (VVT) engine looks quite better as compared to Renaultís 75 bhp at 6000 rpm.

Fuel Efficiency

As most of you may be aware of, the Maruti Swift model delivers a high fuel economy of 18 to 23 km per liter. The rival Renault Pulse is claimed to be delivering somewhat similar fuel efficiency up to 23 km per liter in the Indian conditions.


While the Maruti Swift 2012 is a new generation model of the iconic Swift hatchback, the Renault Pulse will be carrying a futuristic and different look, which doesnít finds similarity with the any of the cars available in the Indian market. Thus, for the people who admire new looks and want to buy something not so common in the market, the Renault Pulse is a very good option. On the other hand, for the buyers who donít give much preference to the looks and want to buy a more affordable and efficient car that Swift is a better option.


While the most of the standard features of these cars will be somewhat similar, the Renault Pulse model is expected to come blessed with some additional safety and comfort features including ABS, dual SRS airbags, and many more. However, the proper comparison of the features of both of these models will be possible only after Renault reveals the feature list of the Pulse model in the Indian market.


It is expected that Renault will be pricing its Pulse model in the Indian market very competitively, considering the cost conscious buying behavior of the car buyers in the Indian market. However, due to less use of locally sourced content in the manufacturing of the Pulse model, is expected to be a challenge for the company while deciding the pricing of this model in the Indian auto market. While the pricing of the petrol version of the Pulse is expected to start from Rs 4 lakh, the diesel version is expected to be carrying a starting piece tag of Rs 5 lakh. The Maruti Swift diesel model is currently available in the price segment of Rs 5 lakh to Rs 7 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi Price). :- Keep yourself updated with the latest information about Maruti Swift specifications.

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